Anyone who makes music and wants to record their material in a truly professional way, doesn’t just need a sound technician. They also need a producer.

As long as it’s just a matter of simple try-outs, knowing how to use a computer and professional software has made everyone able to make a sufficiently listenable product at home with just a little equipment.

If, on the other hand, we are talking about quality – at least from the technical point of view – you have to approach a recording studio and put yourself in the hands of a skilled sound technician. But not all sound technicians are able to also give a “productive” edge to the material.

Being a producer means having an overall vision of the project and working to achieve that special “sound” that can communicate better. It means knowing how to make the musicians’ head and heart speak, because only in that way the listener will be able to get the message.

My work consists in giving support to musicians during the final arrangement of the tracks and working with the studio sound technician during recording sessions, mixing and post-production to make the artistic offering consistent and interesting. In my life I’ve listened to lots of demos full of ideas that were good but expressed badly. It’s my job to make sure this does not happen.

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